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Hello My Bondbeautys,

Another beautiful Friday and I’m ready to share this fun, trendy makeup look with you! Im going to cut down on chit chat and lets just get started. I have been obsessing over the Cartoon Eyeliner Trend that has been taking over Instagram. I wanted to recreate a summer bronzey look & combine it with Cartoon Liner. I love how it turned out and I know you will too. (Full Tutorial Below)


I started out with a Gold Bronzey Eyeshadow look and added a pop of color with the liner. Surprisingly Cartoon liner is really simple! I just made a super bold cat eye shape with Teal Gel Liner. Then I outlined it with a black eyeliner. It took time and patience but it was worth it. Take your time, its ok if its not perfect. In the tutorial below I show you how I to fix the lines if they arn’t as straight as you would like them to be.



Heres a list of the products I used for this makeup Look.

  • Too Faced Bronzer Wheel- Summer Love Bronzer & Pink Leopard
  • Ulta Cheek Color : Flushed
  • No7 Lift & luminate foundation
  • Morphe X Kathleen Lights Palette (Use any warm bronzey, gold shades you have!)
  • L’OREAL Infallible Gel Liner Black
  • Hua Mian LI Waterproof Liner 11: Wish APP ( Nyx Liners are good too!)
  • Milani Lipstick Matte Naked
  • Becca Skin Perfecter OPAL
  • WetnWild Contour Stick Where’s Walnut
  • NYX Micro Brow Pencil Ash Brown

Don’t forget to see the tutorial below


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So tell me whats your favorite Makeup Trend of the moment? COMMENT BELOW and lets get a fun conversation going!

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