Green Fun Summer Dress Outfit

Hello my Bondbeautys,  

I recently went up to Essex ,  Ct.  Which is literally a hallmark town.  It has been a location that a few hallmark movies have chosen to use because it  is absolutely out of a fairytale. On this particular day we traveled up to Essex to do a fun boat trip up the Connecticut river with Ct River Museum. 


I  have been trying Amazon cloths lately because it is seriously so convenient.  It comes right to your door and if it doesn’t fit its an easy return! This dress though is absolutely perfect for the summer. I love that it has sleeves and the length is perfect not to short and not to long. So it keeps me cool but I can use it on the beach or to dinner. 



I have had this Michael Kors green bag for a couple months now. I am so glad I could pair it up with this dress.  I think monochromatic outfits are so classy and trendy right now. I love it plus this Federo I found on amazon was just a fantastic touch. I have been getting lots of compliments lately and questions on my glasses. These are actually from Bohme Store. I love them because they look so boho & retro all in one.  


I think everyone needs to have a pair of white leather sneakers. They are so trendy and can go with so many different outfits. Its one of those basics men and women both need! These shoes are Italian made, and they are real leather. They are so lovely  and my favorite shoes to wear! I am so excited to start this fashion & travels part of my blog with you.

I hope you all enjoyed it and until next time!

love, Bondbeautyful

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