Lipsense Is it REALLY ALL its hyped up to be?



Hello my Bondbeautys,

Today I’m posting about a product that really peeked my interest through Facebook & instagram! Lets cut to the chase , we are talking about Lipsense I know you all have heard about this. You have probably been invited to a lipsense party at one point. Its suppose to be this magical lip color that lasts on your lips all day long. It is suppose to be immovable so immovable that if you rub your fingers against your lips nothing will come off!

Well today we are going to talk about if its true, how long it lasts & at the end I will even show you in a video!


I have the starter kit (as shown above) it comes with a lip color (Bella shown), Moisturizing Gloss, & Oops remover. I received mine from Rachel Powers who did a fabulous job at packaging everything nicely and shipping it out to me quickly. I received it about 3 days after I ordered it!


Lets start with what the company claims shall we…

  • Color Lasts anywhere from 4-18 hrs
  • Waterproof
  • doesn’t kiss off,smudge off, rub off or budge off
  • doesn’t dry out your lips, instead it restore moisture to your lips
  • Thinner than water & immediately evaporates on the skin
  • 47 different shades & multiple finishes

So with this in mind I tested this out several times and did a full wear test with check ups in the video below.

My conclusion is: This is truly amazing! I love it so much. It really does do everything it claims, which is rare to actually find a product that does that. This is my go to date night lip color because it does not rub off or kiss off! It lasts through eating and never leaves a lip print on a glass. I especially love the Moisturizing Gloss it does a really good job of sticking to the lips but not making your lips feel sticky. Also even when the gloss does come off I noticed my lips still felt moisturized and healthy.


If you have been curious or wanting to try Lipsense I definitely think you should! I love it so much I’m going to go back and get a couple of different colors. The only Con I found is that you have to go through a distributer. I went through Rachel Powers who is such a sweet amazing lady. She packaged everything beautifully even included a tips & tricks page!  Just contact her and order some! Its so easy and YES she ships it right to your home! click  to go straight to her Facebook.

Anyways thats enough chatter see my video review & wear test below!

Have you tried lipsense? If so whats your favorite color? if not what color would you get if you did ?

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