How to get rid of dry patches on your skin

Hello my Bondbeautys, Today I want to talk to all my dry girls out there! I am just like you, I have dry patches on my skin, my makeup looks cakey and unatural! I have redness and my skin feels old. I have been testing all kinds of skincare product and have landed on the best skincare routine for us dry girls that suffer from dry patches! Im so excited to share what I have found with you.  For those who love seeing it in real life, here’s my youtube video showing you my whole routine enjoy!


If your like me and love to read why things work and what they are then this one is for you. My routine works because it hydrates your dry skin. When your skin absorbs these products it heals and hydrates. The ingredients in each of these are meant to brighten, hydrate, heal and last all day! Have you ever used a moisturizer that seems to have worked for the first hour but then the rest of the day your skin feels dry again? I definitely have, it is such a waist of money. These products really do keep my skin nourished all day long. 

Here is my morning routine:

1. JUNOSKIN CLEANSING BALM– To take off any makeup I have on

2. Elf Clairfying Cleanser– I use this to cleanse my face in the morning. 

3. Duvolle Your Radiance Spin-Care System: $28.50- I use this amazing brush to help cleanse my face. My favorite out of all the skincare brushes I have tried! I have a coupon code for you too!!!! 70% OFF CODE: BB70OFF

4. FARMACY CHEER UP BRIGHTENING EYE CREAM – This hydrates and wakes up the under eyes. I love using this in the morning! You cannot neglect your under eyes.

5. 111 SKIN BOOSTER -This is literally just straight water and hydration and my skin drinks it up!

6. DERMA E ANTI WRINKLE TREATMENT OIL – This is a must no matter your age. If you have never used oils on your skin your missing out. Oil and serums is what really transforms your dry skin. You need this in your life!

7. ELF NOURISHING OIL – Especially during the winter months instead of using a moisturizer use a nourishing oil and call it a day! This one is so affordable and my absolute favorite. (quick tip if you add to much oil on your skin after blending it in as much as possible blot the excess with a paper towel.)

 8. PIXI BRIGHTNING LIP BALM– Do not forget your lips! you cannot neglect them because they can get wrinkly and age as well. This lip balm is nice because it isn’t greasy and is perfect for right when you wake up!

Thats it for todays tips and tricks. Make sure to go see my Skin care routine video! 

till next time!

Don’t forget beauty comes from within so let your shine!


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