Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation

Hello my Bondbeautys,

Welcome to another Foundation Review. This particular foundation I personally was really excited to try when they released it. Im talking about the *Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation. The claims that Dior have on this foundation makes it sound absolutely amazing and like the perfect foundation.

On Diors Website they say this:

“The Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation is the Dior makeup artists’ secret weapon to create an instantly flawless complexion with ultra-buildable coverage, from a natural nude glow to high-coverage perfection.


The Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation is tested and approved by 100% of Dior professional makeup artists.* With its fluid texture and second skin finish, this ultra-buildable foundation offers custom-made intensity.**

* Extreme condition-proof for 91% of women.
** Photo-ready finish for 95% of women.”

So is it True? I actually think that a lot of their claims are true! After trying the foundation for several weeks, It has honestly become one of my favorite foundations. 

  • Pros I Found:
  • 40 Shades with several undertones- Pink, Yellow, Olive, Golden, Peachy Undertones
  • Customize your Coverage- Goes from Light Coverage with a sponge/fingers to Full Coverage with a *Round Kabuki Foundation Brush (Use Promo Code BONDBEAUTYFUL for 10% Off)
  • Easy to Travel With because of the non breakable squeeze bottle
  • Sweat Proof/Weather Proof- I live in a real humid area and It didn’t melt off, or break apart!
  • Transfer resident- Didn’t notice any transferring unless I rubbed at it.
  • Natural Skin like finish- Looks so natural that It is almost undetectable and it gets naturally glowy as the day goes on as well on my skin.
  •  Looks Flawless in photography, bright lights, & flash photography. (perfect wedding or photo shoot foundation)
  • Strong Perfume Fragrance 

More Information about the foundation itself-

  • 1.6 Fl Ounces 
  • $40.00 Price
  • Squeeze Bottle, Soft touch, With a screw on lid.
Watch me show you up close and personal how the foundation wears throughout the day.

My personal favorite primer to use with this foundation is actually the *Too Faced HangoveRX Replenish Primer. I also love using it with a sponge or a brush. Usually I will First use a sponge to bounce it into the skin, then use a round topped Kabuki brush to add coverage where I need it the most. I hope this post was helpful, let me know below what your favorite foundation is of the moment!

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