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Hello my Bondbeautys,

Today I thought I would bring my niece to show you how to create some beautiful voluminous natural curls! I am doing this with a Curly Co Diffuser. I am actually super impressed with this diffusers. I have used several different ones in the past but this is the first time I use one that is:

A. Universal

B. Collapsable

C. Made of soft plastic rather than hard plastic

So I have a full video tutorial & review on this product (below); but I thought I would also chat and tell you about it here on my blog!

So lets get down to the basics , what is a diffuser exactly?

Its a attachment to your blow dryer that helps you dry your hair in a way that reduces frizz. It is made for curly hair and it  gives you volume and helps your define your curls. I absolutely love diffusers I have been using them ever since I was in high school! Lets see what that looked like for a second..phoenix-20120412-03042 phoenix-20111223-02485phoenix-20120305-02873-1 its-me-haha









So now that we saw some curly pictures of me lets see how awesome my nieces hair turned out after she used the diffuser.









So here are some tips on how to do this:

  1. Use hair product whether it is curl cream, mousse, or gel. If you touch your hair without product it will only add frizz!
  2. Never leave the blow dryer on one spot for too long , don’t forget its still a hot tool.
  3. Always push upwards to add the most volume when using the diffuser.


Here is the simple steps that we did to achieve this hairstyle:

  1. Apply mousse + Hair Oil to your hands mix together, then apply to your hair.
  2. Start diffusing on Level 3 on Warm setting (to help reduce hair damage )
  3. Put your hair gently into the diffuser then push the diffuser up towards your scalp
  4. hold for a couple of sec then repeat all over your hair
  5. Add more Product & continue to diffuse
  6. Then put the setting on cold and diffuse one last time
  7. Then apply hair spray or any other hair product you choose & your done!

My hair is really damaged from all the bleach I have been doing so my hair has lost lots of its curl but this is how it looks after I diffuse it!


Pros & Cons to this Diffuser:

  1. Easy to store
  2. Well Made & because of the material is less likely to break when dropped
  3. reduces frizz & adds volume
  4. really dries your curls fast!!!! (It took my niece about 5 to 10 min to dry her whole entire hair!! WHAT!
  5. Its universal so it fits on all hair dryers
  6. The Diffuser head is big so it fits lots of hair!
  7. It turns with your head thanks to the collapsable capabilities
  8. Only cost $14.99 (I do get compensated if you use this link , if you choose not to just look it up on amazon Curly Co Diffuser )

If your more of a visual learner like I am here is the video tutorial

Soon I will be doing a how to get defined curls without heat so make sure to subscribe with you email, its absolutely free!!

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