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Hello my Bondbeautys,

I know its been such a long time, but I promise I’m back and all my technical problems are behind me. So I know what the question is that you probably have.. What have I been doing? Well I’m glad you ask I have been binge watching Pretty Little Liars. I am not kidding in no way shape or form. I have grown rather obsessed with the show. If you haven’t watched it let me fill you in on the plot.  Basically in a small town full of secrets where a group of 5 girls keep lots of secrets. One day one of the girls goes missing and a year later is found dead. The whole question is who killed her? and why do the other 4 girls keep getting texts from a person named A. Honestly it has kept my husband and I on our toes.

So what does that have to do with today? Well in Season 3 ,Hanna Marin, A character from the show cuts her hair and has some beautiful hairstyles for short hair. Some of which I want to recreate and show you how to do.


Not only do I want to show you these hairstyles, but I also partnered up with Asavea * To bring to you todays video & blog post. They recently launched a new Hairstyling tool and you guys seemed to really love it when I shared  their  hairstyling straightener brush. So I thought I would also share this beautiful Gold Titanium Hair Curling Wand.

(* This video & post is sponsored, so I do receive compensation for sharing this product with you. But all my opinions are honest and I truly do love this Hair Curler and recommend it.)


So think of this as a review & hair tutorial in one! Also stay tuned to the very end because, just like with the Straightening brush post, I will be GIVING ONE of these AWAY.

In the video below I will be showing you how to do this textured, curly, messy Lob hairstyle. This is a iconic Hanna Marin Hairstyle. She rocks this textured lob more than any other hairstyle.


This was so easy to do and surprisingly quick. I used the Spiral Barrel to achieve it and I love how it turned out. What I love most about this hairstyle is that you can really dress it up or down just by adding more texture and breaking it up more with your fingers.


So here are some of the Asavea Hair curler Pros:

  • The Gold & Ceramic material help to keep your frizz under complete control
  • It heats up quickly and cools down quickly
  • Your hairstyle lasts longer than other curlers (or at least it did for me, It lasted me 3 days and I didn’t have to recurl my hair at All!)
  • Its beautiful! I know you love the GOLD!
  • It has a Swivel Cord so Its easy to use without the cord getting caught or in the way.
  • The controls are easy to use and you can decided how hot you want the curler to be.

The Second hairstyle I did is a messy, easy undo.  I like to do this on day three when my curls are still intact but maybe not as voluminous and I feel like putting my hair up. All you need for this hairstyle is a teasing comb & some bobby pins.


I love this because you can again make it as messy or as formal as you want. Its perfect for short hair because the braided back keeps all those little short layered hairs into place without bobby pins.


Ok ok, pictures are nice but lets see how to actually accomplish this. I promise it looks like I spent a lot of time doing this hairstyle but I really didn’t!

So lets talk about the GIVEAWAY:

  • Click Here to Enter
  • Will Be open until JULY 1st
  • The winner will be chosen at Random , so share with your family & friends! Everyone has an Equal chance to win!
  • I will announce the Winner here, and in the Description of my Video!
  • I will also try to Email or Message you!


I hope your excited!! Thank you guys for sticking with me during the UPs & Downs. Im so glad to be back and Blogging again!

Please comment below and Tell me What show you have been watching or obsessing over lately?

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