Behind the Scenes Beauty Must Haves


Hello, My Bondbeautys!

Happy Monday ,

Im going to make a big effort to post videos & blogs on here more often. Quick house update: The house still has no flooring no paint job but the wall paper is finally all down! I am so happy about the wall paper being down it was so time consuming!

So today I decided to tell you guys about beauty products that I tend to use behind the blog or video scene. Things that I think are must have, holy grails or favorites. You can call it whatever you want , basically these prep my look and so on.

You guys know I love to incorporate a video with each blog so here it is make sure to take a look to see all the products up close & personal!

So In this video I pretty much talk about skin, makeup, nails & hair! I talk about my favorite products that I really use from day to day, week to week, month to month & year to year. Sometimes I don’t mention these products because I do not like to repeat the same products all the time for you guys. All of these except for three are drugstore products , you guys know I love my Drugstore!


Do you have a must have holy grail product that you always use?

Remember,Beauty Comes from within so let yours shine!

Till Next Time,

<3, Love Bondbeautyful

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