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Hello My Bondbeautys,

Happy Wednesday , you know what that means time for another blog post!

So bare with me , it is not a makeup tutorial because I am still not in my house! So every is still packed away. So a couple weekends ago I went camping with the family. It was so fun but for some reason every time we go camping my husbands family loves to take pictures and post them on facebook. I dont know about you but when I camp I either look like

A. a man

B. A puff ball

So this time I decided to come up with some hairstyles that will keep my hair out of my face, that will be stay all day, and that I dont need a mirror to do! So here are the three no mirror hairstyles I came up with I hope you enjoy them!

So I know that when you go camping your not suppose to care how you look. But if you can look cute while doing something fun why not?! Specially when everyone wants to document every second of their lives with pictures!( like I do!)

crazy hair day

I have some tips to help make your hair ready for a no mirror hairstyle.

#1. make sure there is some sort of texture or curl to your hair from before. I love doing these hairstyles on 2 day old curled hair! This way no matter which crazy way your hair decides to go it looks like its meant to do that!

#2. Use dry shampoo on your roots. This will soak up any access oil & stiffen your hair so it doesnt move much from how it originally looks which is awesome to keep it in place looking cute.

So all you need for these hairstyles is a hair band or elastic..

Hairstyle #1


  1. If you have layers braid the right side of the hair that has the layers.
  2. Sweep your hair all to the opposite side
  3. Incorprate the braid you made on your right side into two strands for your fish tail braid. ( I use a fish tail braid because it is sturdier than a regular braid)
  4. Braid your hair
  5. use a clear elastic or hair band

hairstyle #2


  1. Use the Braid you already have , or make a side braid
  2. Twist the hair , making a bun.
  3. tuck the ends in
  4. secure it with a hair band
  5. pull out any bangs or any hair you would like to have out.

Hairstyle #3

  1. Take out any bangs or hair you would like to leave out.
  2. pull your hair back into a high ponytail.
  3. make a hole above the hair band and twist your hair backwards into the hole.
  4. take out most of the hair forming a bun.
  5. Your done!


I hope these were easy to follow .. Check the video to see these all done!

Thank you guys so much for your support!

Remember Beauty comes from within so let yours shine!

Till next time

<3 Love, Bondbeautyful

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