L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation Review

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Hello My Bondbeautys,

Happy Wednesday! Today I wanted to do a long awaited review on the foundation I am currently Loving! This is the L’oreal Infallible pro matte foundation. I have been trying this foundation out for over a month now and because it is fairly new at the drugstore I wanted to an in-depth review on it.


This foundation claims to be a Demi Matte Foundation that will last for 24 Hr & that it is medium coverage. It claims to be air light , & never dull as well.


I think that this foundation is more of a fuller coverage foundation. The reason I say this is because for those of us who just slab on our makeup fast in the morning it will end up being full coverage. Why? Because you do not need much of this foundation and to make it medium coverage I feel like you have to be conscious of how much you put on. With that said it can definitely be medium coverage if you only put a small amount on.


This is a matte foundation, I do not think it is a demi matte . To me it feel like a full out matte foundation. Because my skin is pretty normal to maybe dry (because of pregnancy etc) I notice that my skin can get really dry wearing this if I do not properly apply moisturizer before hand. So as long as I apply a good hydrating moisturizer I find that I have no problems with this foundation!


As far as it being air light. I feel like for the coverage it has , it definitely feels light! But I feel like after it really sets it feel like your regular skin! It also feels really soft and creamy but sets to matte finish. Its also really easy to blend! Basically it feels wonderful when you apply it to your skin & it also spreads so incredibly easy! NO tugging & no frustration Just sheer bliss!


This is a 24 hr foundation! Yes, I said it , It lasted me for 24 hrs easy! Now I don’t mean that after 24 hrs I still saw some foundation left on my face; I mean that after  24 hrs my skin looked exactly how it did when I first applied it! I am so incredibly impressed with how beautifully this looked after hours of working on my house, sweating even working out!

I feel Like when it sets it sets! So it does not transfer on to clothing which is one of my pet peeves! No one wants to give their husband a hug and have makeup come off on their clothing!


They have a pretty good shade selection , Not as good as their L’Oreal True Match Foundation , but still not bad at all. I found my shade by picking the same shade name as the Loreal true match foundation. So in the True Match I am w6 sun beige. So I went with the Infallible shade 106 Sun Beige & it fit me perfectly. I do not know if all their names are the same in each collection but that is a good place to start.

Now for the main reason why I like this foundation…

This foundation has a more of a yellow tone to it, which I love! I have such trouble finding my perfect match because either a foundation is too pink or orange! This foundation I think is perfect for those of us that have that yellow undertone to our skin! seriously I have never seen a foundation at the drugstore that matches me this perfectly just because of the yellow hue in it!

foundation pic

How I apply:

I like to apply it with a flat top dense stippling brush from Bh Cosmetics. It does such a good job in blending that I love it! I like to apply it section by section because when this foundation sets their is no budging! Doing it section by section really helps me to concentrate on on space at a time & not feel rushed to blend out the rest of my face!


Who will love this?

So I did try this on my mom and let me tell you it looked gorgeous! So I think whether you are young or mature you will like how this looks. It doesn’t settle into fine lines or anything like that! need proof? well here you have it..



Is it Picture Perfect foundation?

So I did test this foundation out with my professional camera in natural light & with a flash. I also tested this out with my phone for a selfie with a flash & without; Let me tell you this foundation looks great in any lighting , with a flash and without! I was truly impressed. It doesn’t have spf so I would expect it to do good and of course it did great!

So here are the pictures with my Canon T5i with  a flash and without…. (with only this foundation on , no powder or anything else)

As you can tell it does not give off a white cast which is great it keeps your neck even with your face! So this is definitely a picture perfect foundation.

flash & no flash pics foundationn


I really like this foundation , it does what it says its going to do which is awesome! I think that if you have young or mature skin you will like this foundation. I think this is more for those who want a long lasting foundation. This is also great in pictures & gives you a full coverage look without looking cakey. This is a good foundation for oily to normal and even normal to dry as long as you moisturize well.

Well that it for today , Till next time!

Don’t forget, Beauty comes from within so let yours shine!

<3 Love , Bondbeautyful



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