2 Valentines Day Hairstyles for any occasion, Casual or Fancy

2 Valentines day hairstyles casual or fancy 2Hello My Loves,

Happy Valentines Day, Because tomorrow is the Day of Love I wanted to show you two choices for valentines day. One is more casual and the other is fancier for a nice dinner. If you want to see me show you how to do this then click on the video below.




1. You can curl your hair or have it straight. (I curled it the night before & this is what it looked like today! I wanted it to look messy & real slummy).

2.Braid your bangs into a rope braid & pin it underneath some hair to hide the bobbypin.

3. Make A Half pony tail & with your thumb create  a hole. Then flip the pony tail in the hole 2 times to create a twist.

4.divide the pony tail into two parts & braid each part.

5. Flip them over & above the twist & pin them in a heart shape!

Thats a super easy casual hairstyle perfect for the day of LOVE.











1. Seperate your bangs & face framing bits of hair . Then pin it out of the way.

2. Take out 1 inch strand of hair behind your ear & braid it.

3. Pull your hair to one side & twist it in the back .

4. tie your ponytail & braid a strand of hair, wrapping it around the base of the pony tail.

5. put the braid behind your hair in between a bobbypin & sew it through the twist you made.

6. Last use a 1 1/2  inch curling iron & curl your bangs, & ponytail.

* Dont forget to use hairspray to insure that your hairstyle lasts all day!



I hope you guys have a good valentines & if you need help finding a makeup look that is perfect for tommorow check out my makeup tutorials for valentines day!

So whats your favorite curling iron?

Mine is the Cortex 4 in 1 curling wand!





Remember, Beauty comes From within so Let it SHINE!

<3 Love, Bondbeautyful

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