DIY Cute Candy Machine

DIY Candy MachineHello Ladies…

Happy Monday, its time for another cute DIY project.

This is a great gift, decoration or just project to hold your candy!

This is an easy Candy machine to make and pretty inexpensive…


What you will need:



This is a super easy DIY project you can do with your kids, or just for fun/gifts!

step 1 paint


So now that the painting is all dry lets make our candy machine look cute!

step 2


Now to finish off our DIY Project lets start Glueing!

step 3

See that was pretty easy! I personally love decorating my house for the holidays no matter how small, it adds some personality to my home…





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So whats your favorite candy?

Till next time, Remember Beauty Comes From Within so Let it shine!

<3 Love Bondbeautyful


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