Yzma Halloween Costume Tutorial

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Hey Beautys!

Are You guys freaking out because halloweens just around the Corner? Well Dont worry Im here to give you a unique Yzma Halloween Idea! This Costume Cost me  about $8 or $9! So it is really inexpensive costume to do…


  • Purple Dress
  • Round Blue Or purple Earings
  • Shoes of your choice… Boots look great!
  • Blue Headband (I found at dollar store $1)
  • Black Hairspray
  • Cheerleading megaphone or cone shaped object (I found mine at dollar store aswell $1)
  • Crazy lashes (I found mine for $3 at walmart!)
  • GLue Stick
  • Purple & Black Eyeshadow
  • Plum or cranberryish Lipstick
  • Purplish Blush


Everything else you need you probably have at home already! SO just work with what you got… I Found everything I needed at home except for the megaphone,lashes,black hairspray, & Headband so thats why it only cost me $8… Make your own version & Add your own twist to your costume!


Do you want to see how I did my nails, makeup & Hair… Then take a look Below!..


Super easy to do… Now do you want to see my full outfit I created? Well then take a look….


I hope You Guys really enjoyed my halloween Yzma look! This is truely a unique costume to do… Now all you need is a KRONK!



So what are you going to be for halloween?? …. We are going to be the Shrek Family!..

Remember, Beauty Comes From Within..

<3 Love, Bondbeautyful



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