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Hello my Bondbeautys,

Its early , I’m up and the kids are cozy in their beds still. Perfect time to share this makeup look with you beauties. I was recently looking through my makeup and realized that their is a lot of IPSY products that I have not tried yet! What!! I know pretty crazy, so I took everything out that I have not tried yet & made this beautiful makeup look with it. I also did a easy video tutorial to go along with this post for all you visual learners!

So the star of the show today is the Olive Green pigment , it is gorgeous! As soon as I saw it I new I had to make a look around this color! You don’t usually see wearable olive green eye makeup, but I think that this look turned out pretty darn wearable!

I olive you Makeup collage blog

They Key to making a intense eye look  wearable is making your face makeup & Lips look as natural as possible. So here are the products I used & the steps to create this look. Again If you are more visual then check the tutorial!

Step #1 : Prep

It is so important to prep your skin for makeup! Taking care of your skin is so important because it keeps your skin look smooth & less aged. Nobody wants to look 40 at 25!

Prep1. Moisturizer first

2. Face Primer second

3. Exfoliate those beautiful lips too!


Step #2 : Makeup

Its time to apply some makeup & create a beautiful unique olive eye look. (which makes all eye colors look gorgeous especially brown or honey eyes!)

Products Used


1. Apply a warm brown eyeshadow pencil to the lid & crease, then use your finger to blend it out. (this will be your base.. Do the eyes first so if you have any fall out it won’t mess up your face makeup.)

2. Then use a Midtone Cool brown (Blue heart) to apply into the crease & blend it out real well. (this is going to act as our transition color which will help blend the olive out better)

*the key in this eye look is blending really well so take your time doing this with a fluffy CLEAN blending brush!

3. Apply the olive green with a eyeshadow brush onto the out half of the lid & toward the crease. I used this pigment dry so instead of swiping with the brush just pat the color onto the lid; slowly building up the color.( don’t worry about fall out thats why we didn’t do our face makeup first!) Then blend the green and the crease color together using a Clean blending brush.

4. Apply the light pink in the duo underneath the brow to highlight & in the inner most corner of the eye.

5. Apply the Gold in the duo in the inner half of the lid and with the eyeshadow brush you are using carefully blend the olive green and gold together to make a smooth transition.

Face: (im skipping to the face next but I will be back to finish the eyes later!)

1. Apply your concealer & foundation

2. apply a brightenng concealer in an inverted triangle shape under the eyes to brighten , then powder your face

3. apply a bronzer to the hallows of your cheeks for a subtle contour

4. use a light natural pink blush

5. highlight your cheek bones for a beautiful glow

6. apply a lip stain to your lips (this is what gives your look such a natural effect the stain looks natural!) also apply the stain to the apples of your cheeks to add a naturally flushed appearance.

Eyes: (go back to the eyes to finish )

1. apply the eyeshadow pencil to lower lash line & blend with finger.

2. apply the mid toned brown to the lower lid & add the gold shadow to the inner ⅓ of lower lid

3. apply a black eyeliner to the tight line & a green eyeliner to the waterline

4. apply a liquid liner to the upper lashes making a cat eye winged liner.

5. apply mascara & false lashes if needed!

Thats it , I know it seems like a lot of steps because I really broke everything down so that I could be more detailed. This really is a fast look to accomplish and anyone can do this look! I hope you will try it out & use the hashtag #bondbeautyfullooks so that I can see too!

I hope you guys like seeing video tutorials & step by step instructions, if you do I will definitely do more!

let it shine pic


What kind of looks are you personally interested in? Wedding, everyday, under 5 min, colorful, neutral .. let me know so that I can do more!!!!!! Your opinion matters so give it to me!!:D

Don’t forget Beauty Comes from within so let yours shine!

<3 Love, Bondbeautyful

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