EMPTIES/ would I buy again?

Empties thumb March 2015

zHello My Bondbeautys,

So today im showing you my empties. What does that mean? These are products I have completely used up and are basically going in the trash. So why am I showing you my trash? Well now that I have completely used them up I have pretty much made up my mind on whether I would buy them again or whether they are just terrible products! So Im going to give you my OPINION of them..


So its been a crazy week but I wanted to put up a post for you beautyful ladys & Gents. I have been moving all week long ! We are getting a house! I am so excited about it so excited that I already filmed a home decor haul video and I’ll have it up pretty soon (as well as a blog post). If you want to see how I did my makeup today check it out..


Enjoy your Spring break!


Dont forget, beauty comes from within , so let yours shine!

<3 Love, Bondbeautyful

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