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IMG_0786Hello My Bond Beauties,

Happy Wednesday, today I wanted to tell you about a new collection from sinful colors. I have only seen these at Walgreens and they have a total of 36 Colors. The colors are amazing , they have some great spring and summer colors, as well as some dark colors. I bought 6 to try out so if you want to see the colors I got & What I thought about them then click below.


Let me start out by saying that these polishes are probably one of the best ones I have tried from Sinful colors. The formula is amazing.

nailpolish CrazeSo there is a lot I love about these. Out of the six I have tried I have not yet been disappointed they have all been hits. All you need is two thin coats and the color looks as pigmented as it does in the bottle. I have noticed that they are also super shiny without a top coat. They take only a min to dry which is perfect for moms and women who don’t have a lot of time to paint their nails. I also love how long they wear. I cook , clean , hand wash dishes and chase a one year old around so my nail polish tends to chip faster then other women. This nail polish lasts me a week and a half with a top coat & three to four day without  a top coat , before they start chipping. But, the thing that really impressed me is how fast this nail polish comes off with regular nail polish remover. One swipe and I’m literally pretty much done with my nail! I hate when I have to sit and scrub my nail polish for it to come off  , its too time consuming for me. I personally love these I think they are great I have yet to find something that I don’t like! These polishes retail for $1.99 at Walgreens , I haven’t seen them at Walmart yet but I am sure they are probably going to show up there next!.

Swatch Set 1Swatch 2


So here are the swatches of each polish that I have. I did two thin coats and no top or base coat with these. I am so excited about these polishes because I have noticed that the formula is different than the regular sinful colors nail polish.


So now lets talk about my makeup look for today..


look of the day

IMG_0782So I decided to go with a lighter pinker makeup look today. I personally am in love with my lipstick which is  a color whisper in plum prospect. It is so creamy and slick and the formula is so thin but full of amazing color!

So What polish are you wearing on your nails today?

I hope you guys enjoyed this nail polish video & blog post I know I don’t do them that often! Stay updated because I am going to do a Spring & Summer Nailpolish of 2014 Blog post / Video pretty soon! Till Next time.

Let it shine ! Beauty

Remember, Beauty Comes From Within So let Yours ShINE!

<3 Love, Bondbeautyful



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