What I ate Wednesday (MARCH)

what I ate wed thumb nail March


Hello Ladies,

So today I am quickly doing a what I ate Wednesday Post. So basically I vlogged what I ate today and I really tried to eat healthy stuff so come check it out!

So Like I said earlier I tried to eat healthy. For breakfast I basically ate oatmeal which I usually have toast so that was a good healthy choice for me.

food picFor Lunch my husband came home for lunch so I made a Pita inspired chalupa thing . It was super easy to make I got greek bread from cisco and grilled some chicken.

For Dinner my mom brought me some mollijita soup (Chicken) because I was feeling pretty sick.

Happy wed

I hope you guys had a happy Wednesday, till next time..

What did you have for dinner?

Remember, Beauty comes from within so let yours shine!

<3 Love, Bondbeautyful



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