New Limited Edition Divergent Collectors Kit (review, swatches + Dauntless look)

divergent thumb 2Hello my Bondbeautys,

So I am super excited, just like all of you, for the Divergent movie! When I heard that Sephora released a LIMITED EDITION Divergent Makeup Kit I was too excited and I purchased it right away. I have had it for a little over a week now and I am ready to tell you what I think, Show you swatches & Show you how to do this Dauntless Smokey eye look I created. So if you want to get it for yourself then just click here. (If it is out of stock then check your local sephora near you , or wait for it to come in stock again!)

* I was not paid or asked to do this, I just am really excited and want all of you Divergent Fans to know about this!

If you want to see swatches, my thoughts & How to do a smokey eye using this kit then click below.

So this kit cost me $59.50 , It comes with three eye palettes, a face palette, four lip glosses and a double ended brush.

kitIt even Comes with little cards that help you create a Dauntless, Erudite, or Abnegation Day & Night look. First off the Packaging is great it is a strong card board material that doesn’t give at all! Not only that but I know that us girls want cute packaging on our stuff and this has it! So lets see what all this stuff looks like..

4 PaletteThe Cheek Palette is called the Divergent Cheek Palette. It comes with a blowy coral blush, a matte rose blush , a champagne highlight & a matte warm bronzer. All these are so creamy and pigmented. They feel nice and I was really impressed with how nice they wear on the face as well. I love that It has a matte and a Glowy/shimmer blush.

The Three eye palettes are the Abnegation palette,Erudite palette, and Dauntless palette. All these shadows except for the transformer shades are really pigmented  they feel silky soft and the color pay off is amazing. I find myself being super gentle when I dip my brush in and when I apply it . These feel to me like Urban decay quality shadows, they are worth every bit of the money I spent on this kit. If you have a chance to go to sephora and swatch them , they are seriously really good quality. The transformer shades are the first eyeshadow shades in each palette. With exception to the Dauntless palette transformer shade, they are not pigmented. They are used to add shimmer but no color. If you use them wet though they do add a great highlight to your look and it picks up a lot better. ( They are made to be used wet)

lipgloss and brushLast are the four lip glosses and double ended brush.

The brush is really soft and I feel like it does a great job blending . It feels like a higher end blush so I was pleased with it. The only thing is that because it is double ended I have to store it horizontal if you don’t like to do that then you won’t like this brush.

The glosses are sheer with a subtle tint of color , as you can see on my arm. They feel really soft and silk , not stick or tacky. I personally don’t like sticky gloss and I was really happy to see that these are not that way. These smell minty but they don’t tingle, so they are not plumping or anything like that. The shade from top to bottom are: Fear not, Natural Virtue, Supreme Ritual , and Temptations Choice.

makup finalSo this is the look I came up with , this is actually what I picture a Dauntless woman to look like when I read the book. It is a very smokey eye with some mahogany color in it as well. This is super easy to recreate !

  1. add a black base close to the lashes and blend onto the lid.
  2. Apply Radiant Initiation (Erudite Palette) into the crease as a transition shade and blend really well.
  3. Put Serene Vanilla (Dauntless Palette) underneath the brow for a matte highlight.
  4. Apply Burnt Mahogany (Erudite palette) All over the lid and up towards the crease but not passed it. blend with some of the Radiant initiation shade and a blending brush.  Also blend it in the lower lashes.
  5. apply Dauntless Ink (Dauntless palette) Very close to the lash line and smoke it out so that it looks like there is an easy transition from the mahogany to the black.
  6. Apply Choose wet in the inner corner of the tear duct for a glowing effect.
  7. Apply a liquid eyeliner to the upper lashes , with a subtle wing.
  8. Apply a black pencil in-between upper lashes and tight line.
  9. apply a skin tone liner on the waterline.
  10. Apply mascara and you are good to go.

For the Face I applied the bronzer as a contour shade , I used the highlighter on my cheek bones for a highlight , and I used Misty rose on the apples of my cheeks.

dauntless hairFor my hair I curled my hair with a 1 ½ inch curling wand then I teased the root of my crown area. Next I made three twists and I pinned them with bobby pins. Super easy hairstyle again a perfect Dauntless hair look. Its easy to do but yet it looks fierce.

shine brightThanks you guys for taking the time to support me and to check out all my posts and videos! I hope you guys enjoyed this and let me know if you have seen the movie yet and what you think!?

Till Next time,

Remember, Beauty Comes From Within so let yours SHINE!
<3 Love, Bondbeautyful








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