Melinda Gordon Ghost Whisperer Makeup Tutorial

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Hello my Bondbeautys,

I am sorry I have been gone for a couple months , but I am back and I have been itching to show you guys how to recreate Melinda Gordons famous Brown Smokey eye! If you want to see what look that was exactly then click here.

Like always I did do a video tutorial for you guys , but I also decided to take real detailed pictures for you guys to pin for later or for you to do right now!!!

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Ok so lets get started with the makeup. (List of the products used will be at the end)

eyes blog 2* She is almost always rocking this Dark golden brown smokey eye & of course you can’t forget her fake lashes that make her eyes look doe eyed! Its actually super simple to recreate.

Blog eye 1

face blog 1

*For her face she kept it simple. She warmed up her complexion and added a very soft coral blush. She does always contour her cheeks & highlights to bring out her bone structure. Then for her lips she used a nude or a slightly natural pink lipstick & gloss.

Face blog 2

So thats it, as you can see it is pretty simple. I tried to use more affordable products , the only high end product is the face palette.

Products used:

Makeup sure if you recreate it that you #bondbeautyfulrecreation so that I can see how beautiful you guys look!

Remember Beauty Comes from Within ,

so let your shine!

Love, Bondbeautyful



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