How to Not look Grungy In Glasses


Hello My Beautyful Friends!

So I have glasses, and I know that sometimes glasses are NOT cute! THey can sometimes make you look grungy and a little too casual. Well today I have put together some tips to help you not look GRUNGY in your Glasses!2


  • do your hair: actually curl your hair or if your hair is straight curl the ends DO NOT put you hair in a pony tail! (fancy yourself up a little more than usual)Photo Nov 14, 9 52 58 AM
  • Do your nails: you don’t want to have chipped nails !
  • Apply concealer: you need to look flawless so apply concealer on your problem areas & especially underneath your EYES!
  • Apply foundation: You will look more ready for the day & not grungy if your face looks flawless (foundation will make you look more professional as well )
  • Apply powder: there is nothing more that yells grungy than a girl with glasses & an oily face
  • CONTOUR: Get ready more than usual contour your face, glasses can sometimes make you look like you have a rounder face so contouring will help with that
  • APPLY EYESHADOW: do a darker eye than usual and yes still apply eyeshadow this will help your eyes pop through your glasses instead of being hid by your glasses (Rimmel Glam Eyes HD: Green Park)Photo Nov 14, 10 04 22 AM
  • Glowing Blush: Adds color & a beautiful Glow (Milani: Rose D’oro)
  • Add a pop of color with your lipstick: try to pick something other than a nude to bring some color to your lips (revlon balm stain: Romantic)

Check out the Video Below for more tips….

So what do you do to prevent yourself from looking grungy when you wear glasses?  Till next time…..

Remember , Beauty Comes From Within


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