How to Change Your Hair Color , But Not Your Season (Autumn + Spring)

Hey Ladies…
Recently I talked alot about Fashion & Color Analysis & Seasons. Well Today Im going to talk about how you can change your haircolor , But still stay in the same season… If you have no idea what I’m talking about and want to Learn about your season and how to find your season look below…

If you are an Autumn or spring and want to learn about the colors that will fit you best take a look at these two videos..



If you are an Autumn or Spring and you want to change your haircolor then this video is for you!

Different haircolors in each season…
Each Season is divided into three types and in each type there are a group of different haircolors you can be…

  • Soft Autumn: (Drew Barrymore) Golden Blonde to medium brown, soft auburn , strawberry blonde,blonde or red highlights
  • Warm/True Autumn: (Kate Beckinsale):Medium brown or lighter medium chestnut, rich and warm red, auburn, deep golden brown
  • Deep Autumn: (LIke ME) Black Brown,dark to deep chestnut,medium brown,dark brown


  • Light Spring:(kate Hudson) Light to medium golden blonde or light to medium golden brown. You can even have light and soft red hair.
  • Clear Spring:(Heather Graham) Medium to dark golden brown, or even black-brown. Or bright, golden and deep blonde hair
  • Warm/True Spring: (Amy Adams) All you red heads listen up…. Light golden brown, coppery red, strawberry blonde, or deep golden brown

So why did I group Spring & Autumn Together? Because they are both Warm Seasons… Not seasons like the weather or time of year, but the color analysis seasons…. Hopefully this was helpful… Like I said winters & Summers stay tuned..

If you are a summer or winter… Then Stayed tuned Because I will Be doing a video especially for you soon..

So is your season? What haircolor do you want to try next?

Till Next time, Remember Beauty Comes From Within…                                                -Bondbeautyful

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