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Hello My Beautiful friends,

It is a beautiful monday & I thought what a better day then to learn something new! So today Im going to be telling you all about highlighting! Im going to be answering some simple questions: what is highlighting? What kinds of highlighters are there? Why should I highlight? How do I apply it & Where? What brushes do I need? So lets begin…


H 1Products Talked About:

  • ELF Shimmering facial whip: Lilac petal
  • Bare Minerals Face & Body Color: Geniune Jade
  • Smashbox Face & Body Palette: Gold Mine
  • Elf Glow Bronzing Powder: Sunkissed
  • Color Institute Twist Up Blush Stick
  • Neutrogena Concealer: Fair

1. Whats Highlighting?

I know we all look at bridal magazines or celebrity magazines & it always looks like the light hits there cheeks & nose at just the right angle! Well thats not the case , they give that illusion using makeup , specifically a highlighter! So if you want to have that glow effect then keep reading!

Ha 2

Its A makeup product , it can be a powder , liquid or cream product That you apply to your face to add a glow or to extenuate certain features! (gives you a glow also known as bridal glow or flawless appearance) I wasn’t even outside when I took this picture but yet the sun managed to hit me right above my cheek bones! 😀 Its all about the highlighter!

2. What can be used to highlight with?

Well You can use a powder, cream or liquid that has a light shimmer or that is just lighter than your skin tone.. Usually they have a champagne color, pinky color, or gold tone to it!

3. Where do you highlight on your face?

H4So you can highlight on top of your cheek bones, bridge of your nose, cupids bow, center of fore head, underneath your brow, right above your brow & even on your chin (highlight areas you want people to notice on your face , & places you want the sun to hit just right)… You do not have to highlight on all of those areas but as you can see I did on most of those & it looks pretty good! … Usually women highlight on there cheek bones & Nose.

So I hope this was helpful .. For more information don’t forget to watch the video above! So here is my complete look for the day..

H3H3 I went with a very natural eye look & Nude pink lip & A very Glowy highlight…

  • Highlight :Color Institute Twist Up Blush Stick
  • Highlight: (To set the cream highlight) Smashbox Highlight: Gold Mine
  • Lips: Elf Matte Lip Color Natural
  • LipGloss: holiday Hugs Lipgloss by Philosophy
  • Cheeks: Wet N Wild Mellow Wine Blusher

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So what are you doing this monday morning? Till Next Time..

Remember, Beauty Comes From Within

<3 Love, Bondbeautyful




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