How to determine your body shape

how to determine your body shape 1

Hello My Beautyful Friends!

So for todays fashion video I thought we could talk about body shape! Its so important to know your body shape that way you can know what kind of clothing are more flattering on you!


  1. Why is it important to know what body shape I am?  Well Its important to know what body shape you are so that you can find clothing that flatter your body the best & fit the best. Its important that we feel comfortable with our bodies and to do so we need to feel “cute” in our clothing. Knowing what body shape you are will help you find clothing that will look the best on you !
  2. What body shapes are there? There is an apple shape, pear shape, rectangle shape, inverted triangle shape, & hourglass shape!
  3. How do I Know which body shape I am? You can just look in the mirror & try to determine . Or you can get real technical & measure your bust, waist & hip size. Sometimes its easier to see the numbers so that you can tell what part of your body is bigger or smaller.
  4. What do You measure? You are going to measure your bust which is the center of your chest all the way around. Your waist is the bend or crease that happens when you bend to the side (See the video to see where to measure) . The hips can be measure the fullest part of your bum , usually the center of your bum, all the way around.
  5. So what is my body shape?
  • Apple Shape: Means that your bust & Waist are bigger than your Hips.


You have a fuller tummy area at the middle part of your body is more round. (every body shape is beautiful don’t forget that!)















Pear Shape: Means that  your bottom heavy. You hips are bigger than your bust & Waist. You look like a pear , you have a bigger booty (not a bad thing).









  • rect






Rectangle Shape: You have no curves your waist , hips & bust measure pretty much the same! This is also called the athletic shape!






inv trInverted Triangle : You have broad shoulders! (This is my shape) Your bust is bigger than your waist & your hips are even smaller!












hourHourglass Shape: Your bust & hips are fairly same , but your waist is smaller. Your waist is very defined! You have some curves!







*Pictures Used from Michaela Jedinak No copy right intended!




So Now lets see what Im talking about Click on the Video To see how to measure & More information about body shape!

I hope this was helpful for your guys… I will be doing a how to dress for your body type next so keep a look out for that!:D

IMG_0303I am an inverted triangle if you guys are wondering.. What shape are you? Don’t forget to like my Facebook page!!!!!! ->

Till next time…

Remember beauty comes from within so let it SHINE!

<3 Love , Bondbeautyful


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