DIY Name Plate Gift

Plate 1Hello My Beautyful Ladies!

Merry Christmas EVE… I hope you guys are having a jolly time & are all ready for CHRISTMAS.. Are you still scrambling around to get a gift for a friend or family member? Well I have any easy , inexpensive DIY Gift! It cost me a total of $2 & didn’t take long at all! So here we go …


NEED: Plate 2Glass Plate (From Dollar Store), Easel, & sharpies

Step 1:

Draw the Letter of there last name on the plate , Leave space for the Established .. ( you can use a stencil I just got on my tablet looked up different fonts & Free handed it..)
Plate 3

Step 2: write the Established and the date they were married… (use a ruler to get a straight line)
Plate 4

Step 3: Grab some dimes & Nickles & Trace them with your sharpie along the edges of the plate for a cute decoration!Plate 5Step 4: Write there full last name In the center over the letter..(make sure you let sharpie dry fully before writing over top)Plate 7

Step 5: last bake at 350 Degrees (I preheated it) & 30 minutes (check every 10 minutes to make sure colors aren’t fading)Plate 8Tips: If you mess up use rubbing alcohol to take off sharpie !

Plate 9

Simple as that! I hope you guys found this helpful & easy to do … Have a merry Christmas!

Plate 6Which plate do you like the best?

Till next time,

Remember Beauty Comes From Within

<3Love, Bondbeautyful


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