Christmas Eve Look + Christmas VLOG

Hello My Beautyful Friends!
So I hope you all had happy holidays! I had such a great christmas, I saw family & Just had lots of fun! I want to share my Christmas with you guys because I think of you as my friends! So here is my Christmas Eve Gift Exchange Makeup look + I vlogged my whole christmas day & I am sharing it with you!


First Off for Christmas Eve We had a family party\Gift exchange that I dressed up for & this is my makeup look for that its super easy & perfect for the holidays!

Christmas was a total different story , no makeup just FUN! So I decided to let you guys see what I did for Christmas Day!

IMG_0053Hyrum Was so excited to open his presents even though he was sick he was soo good!

So Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays From Us to YOU!



So what did you get for christmas? I got a Canon T5i Rebel Camera so now my pictures & videos will be such better quality! Till Next time!

Remember, Beauty Comes From Within.. So just be YOURSELF!

<3Love, Bondbeautyful

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