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Happy wednesday, since I have been gone for a week I thought I would do an update video/blog post. I want you guys to get to know me a little better & thought you might like to know about whats going on in my life. So you can watch my update or read it , its up to you..

So the reason I have been gone is because we unexpectantly had to go to Utah for a funeral. So we drove so it is a total of 10 hrs if you have no stops and drive all the way thru. Well with my almost 1 year old that was not going to happen. So we drove half way and stopped in Vegas. Then the next day we drove the rest of the way. Let me tell you traveling with a baby is not fun! It was nice to spend time with family and have a little break from our daily responsibilities.

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So like I said Hyrum is almost 1 years old! It is so crazy that it has been a year already. He turns 1 on March 24th. So I was thinking of having a birthday party for him. Now , I have received a lot of opinions about this. Some say that he won’t remember it so don’t waste my time. Others say that it is worth it because I will remember it & enjoy the pictures in the future. I am thinking I want to do it for sure. So recently I have been thinking of cute boy themes, all I came up with so far is Monster theme. Do you guys have any cute theme Ideas?

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Thank you to everyone who has subscribed to my youtube, blog & etc. I really do notice & appreciate the support and love you guys give me. Thank you to all who like my Facebook page , follow me on twitter & instagram. Its so great to connect with you guys and get to know each of you. I hope you guys like these sort of chit chat update blog/videos. If you have an future suggestions or questions make sure you comment down bellow. I have been thinking of doing a Q& A video so comment my video and ask me a question if you want me to do a video like that.

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