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Hello my beauties!

So today Im doing a fun Feastive Nail Tutorial… HALLOWEEN Candy Corn Boo Nails to be exact! I love rocking nail art but Im not going to lie im terrible and doing my own nails! So if I can do this then you can do! Its super easy and fool proof! I broke It down step by step and all the products I am using are Found at WALGREENS & they are no more than $2 products At most!

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I hope you guys enjoy I love doing these sorts of things for you guys and I had loads of fun doing it!

All You Will Need:


  •    Scotch Tape
  • NailPolish Remover
  • Bobby Pin (To Make the Boo)
  • Orange Poilish- Wet N Wild Wild Shine : Sunny Side Up $1
  • Black Polish- Wet N Wild Wild Shine- Black Creme $1
  • White Polish- Sinful Colors Professional- Snow Me White $1.99
  • Nail Art Polish-Sinful colors nail art- Bright Orange: Orange Alert $1.99        Orange: Sunset $1.99      Yellow: Sunset $1.99    Shimmery Silver: What a night $1.99 (you can find them at walgreens)
  • Top Coat

Step 1 :IMG_0630Remove your previous nail polish…

Step 2: IMG_0631Apply the Orange & Black Nailpolish On your nails any way you would Like I thought the Black on only the two middle fingers was super cute! Dont forget to apply 2 Coats and make sure you dry them completely or else when you apply the tape it will rip off the nailpolish underneath!

Step 3:

IMG_0632Apply Your Scotch Tape: I tried to stick them on surfaces and play around with them before I put them on my nails so that the tape wouldn’t be too sticky, then I made a triangle and applyed them like so on my nails , This is going to make our candy corn look flawless..

Step 4: IMG_0633 Then I grabbed my White Nailpolish and applied it right over top of the Tape, dont worry the tape wont let you mess up the black part around the candy corn so just go ahead and apply it all over …Let that dry without taking the tape off!

Step 5:IMG_0634Then You can grab your bright orange nail art polish and start designing your candy corn on top of the white, (leave the tape on there to prevent any mess ups) So candy corn is white, orange then a yellow base so I applied the orange in the middle…

Step 6: IMG_0635Then I bet you can guess.. I did the yellow next using the yellow nail art Polish from sinful colors ( these polishes are super great and they have many different colors… I have the whole collection!)

Step 7: IMG_0636Now I wanted to add Some glittery silver outline onto my candy corn this is totally optional! I just thought It added a nice effect and with the tape on there it is full proof and gurantees a straight line!

Step 8:IMG_0637Now all you have to do is pull of the tape once its dry or when its wet its up to you! I prefer to wait when its completely dry because I have a smudging problem! NOw this alone is sooo cute , you definitly do not have to add Boo’s to the other nails but if you want to like I did, Ill show you how!

Step 9:IMG_0638

Now you can grab your handy dandy bobby pin and you want to have a piece of paper or plate , you are going to put some nailpolish on your paper and then your going to dip your bobby pin in . Then Go ahead and start making your BOO, I just started by making two dots for the B and then I connected them Then Two dots for the OO Super easy!

Step 10:IMG_0639Now I wanted to add Some Black dots in the Middle of The B I thought It looked like little eyeballs and It just made the B stand out more! Completely optional thought , all you do is put some black polish on a paper and then dip in your bobby pin like before….

Step 11: IMG_0640Now again totally optional I wanted to add some stitch marks on the nails with the boo on it, Kind of like frankienstein stitches I just used the orange nail art polish that was a little darker than the one I used on the candy Corn and I made my Lines & Stitches……

Last :IMG_0641

Just apply a top coat and you are all finished!!!! As easy as that … Now To make It even easier I made a video Tutorial showing you how I did this… Take a look……


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Do you have any halloween requests? Or Faves?

Remember, Beauty Comes From Within…..

<3 Love, Bondbeautyful

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