Top 10 Summer Lipsticks

top ten summer lip pies thumb

Hello my Bondbeautys,

I Missed you guys! Its Officially summer, so lets talk about some great lip options for this beautiful season. These are all drugstore except for one.. So Lets show you this beautiful lipsticks in action shall we…

Now for those of you that want to see picture swatches here we go lets get started.SO like I said here are my top ten pics for summer lipsticks…


Lets see some swatches!

swatch 1swatch2

So gorgeous , now just in case you were wondering what makeup I have on in particular here it is..

my makeup look

If you guys want to share your favorite lipsticks with me then post your picture on instagram under #Bondbeautyfulsummerlips       I would love to see all your beautiful faces!!!!

Remember, Beauty Comes from within so let yours shine!

<3 Love, Bondbeautyful

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