How to make short lashes look longer

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Im excited to talk to you today about some tips & tricks to making your lashes appear longer! This is honestly my mascara/ lash routine!
These steps are so simple and they just take a little longer than just applying regular mascara; but they truly make all the difference! I have a full video for those who are visual learners so check it out down below!

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Step 1: Apply a lash serum before bed. The one I use is the Newyorkbiology Lash & Brow Serum. All you need to do is apply to lash line every night before bed. This helps your natural lashes actually grow and thicken! (it really works!)


Step 2: Curling your lashes! There is a trick to this guys. First , use a good lash curler. Mine is from ELF it only cost me $2 but it still is amazing! It fits my eye shape well and doesn’t tug lashes! It also has a beautiful even curl. I like to curl my lashes 3 times before applying mascara. The first two times I curl it straight on and the third I will bend the curler upwards so it is at a 90 degree angle to my cheek! (See video for demo)

Step 3: MASCARA I love using a Fiber Mascara to really get my lashes looking thicker & longer! The mascara I love for this is the Limelight mascara. Unlike other fiber mascaras this one has enough product to really adhere the fibers onto your lashes. I don’t have any problems with the fibers being loose or flaking off into my eye! (And I have sensitive eyes) This one has really made a difference (full review on this mascara coming soon)

So I apply 3 thin coats of mascara. I know it seems like a lot but it really isn’t! You can do just 2 if you want. The last coat is the key to making your lashes look longer though! On the last coat you are just going to dab at the very tips of your lashes so that the fibers can really grab the tips making them look noticeably longer!

Step 4: Last curl your lashes one more time once your mascara is completely dry! This is where you need to be careful not to break your lashes or tug any out! Its so important to wait until your lashes are DRY! Then when curling make sure to only have curl them DO NOT clamp down all the way!

TIPS:  MAKE sure to slowly clamp down & release when using a lash curler so as not to pull any lashes out!

Here is the full video with demo footage so you can really see how I do it! I hope you enjoy!
So Now YOU TELL ME.. What is your favorite mascara? I love seeing your comments so make sure to give me mascara suggestions below! Also share & subscribe its FREE and you will get posts sent right to your email!

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