Pure d’or Hair Line + Argan Oil Review

1Hello My Bondbeautys,

Today I am bringing to you a review on the Pura d’or shampoo & conditioner + argan oil. This is an organic product, which means no harsh chemicals, no parabens & no sulfates. I will be talking about pros & cons, price, where to find, does it work, and is it worth the buy.


Hair Loss Prevention Therapy Shampoo: $24.99

Pros & Cons-

  • Organic
  • No Paraben
  • No Sulfates
  • No Harmful Chemicals
  • Revives Dull Damaged Hair
  • Leaves hair feeling & looking Smooth
  • Decreases Frizz
  • Prevents hairloss (by replenishing nutrients that have been lost, prevents hairloss of hair that falls out because of not having enough nutrients)
  • Cleans hair without drying it
  • Smell Eucalyptus (Con for me I don’t like that smell)
  • Smell doesn’t last very long (con: so if you only use shampoo, for example men, it will not smell like this for very long)

Healing Conditioner: $24.99

Pros & Cons

  • Hydrates Hair
  • Seals Split ends & Helps heal them
  • Moisturizes scalp (Gets rid of flakiness)
  • Smells Lavender & Vanilla
  • Softens & adds shine to the hair
  • Makes your hair look healthier after 1 week!

Here is a full more detailed review..

Purad’or Argan Oil $24.99


  • Pure, Natural & Organic
  • Good for all skin types (If oily use as night treatment 1 drop) (if dry add into foundation, or 2drops before bed , or 1 drop before foundation application)
  • Very versatile (ends of hair, face, skin)
  • Doesn’t change the wear time of my foundation
  • hydrates & conditions
  • reduces frizz & split ends
  • Makes hair look shinier
  • Makes skin look & feel soft and healthy


I absolutely have fallen in love with this Argan Oil I use it in so many different ways. I have added it to my day & night routine. To see how & learn more about why I love this and how to use it check out the video below.

You can find them:

Is it worth the buy? Yes I think so , I really did notice a difference right away. I felt like it was actually doing something for my hair. It was nourishing & making it healthier. Organic shampoo & conditioners are not easy to find and this one is a great option that you can find almost anywhere.

Let me know what you like from Pura d’or? Whats your favorite hair or skin care product? Comment down bellow lets get a conversation going!!

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