My Workout Routine

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHey Ladies, Its time to work it out & Get into shape….what a better time to start working out then now! I’m going to share with you the workout routine that helped me lose all my baby weight & then some! I’m the skinniest I’ve ever been thanks to this workout! This routine is specifically made for moms, & women! this is a easy routine only takes an hour for all you moms that have kids at home.. and you can even do this routine at home! all you need is some weights! No more doing the same workout that your macho husband does! This work out is meant to slim you down , but tone up the problem areas, Like the belly, arms ,butt & legs …. So I work out 4 days a week , I work out Mon, Tue, Thur & Friday.. Every other day I just do cardio and every other day I lift…


(your can do this at home just go outside and run ,ride bikes or swim…)

I Go to the gym..

  1. I get on elliptical for 20 min (on random setting or interval )
  2. I run on tredmill for 10 Min: walk for 1 min then run 1 min at a good speed, then walk 1 min then run for 1 min at a higher speed then the first time ( I continue till 8 min) then I walk for the last 2 min
  3. I get on the stairs for 10 min
  4. Then I end on bike for 20 min or another exercise machine or swim laps
  5. Cool down

Make sure you are drinking some water!!

Weight lifting days…….

  1. Warm up with elliptical 10 min
  2. start my routine!!!! (See my video below to see my lifting routine)
  3. walk to cool down Make sure your drinking water!! This may be hard at first .. but it is so worth it really!!!! This totally got rid of my Love handles! & pouch! Whats your favorite exercise?? What do you do to keep in shape? Till Next Time, -BondBeautyful

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