Harley Quinn Halloween Makeup

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Hello my Bondbeautys,

Yes , I am doing another halloween makeup look. This time I am doing a collab with another Beauty Guru on youtube , we decided to each pick a villain from the Batman Comics. I decided to do Harley Quinn and she is doing Poisen Ivy. I am so excited I loved the Batman Comics as a kid and still do , last year I did do a cat woman Halloween look too. A video is so much easier to do for this because of all the steps.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. This was actually a pretty easy look to do it just took a few steps ; but I felt like it turned out great.

Harley Quinn FaceFor the face I decided to use my reg
ular foundation and concealer rather than a white face paint. I really wanted Harley Quinn to still have her pretty look rather than look ugly. So all I did was apply my concealer & foundation, then I used a red blush on the cheeks.


harley quinn eyes

The eyes are a little bit more complicated. I decided to do a  black smokey eye on and smudge black eyeliner on the lower lid. Harley Quinn’s costume is half black and half red so I decided to incorporate the red in with the eyebrows. I just used a Lipliner and then applied red shadow on top to make it more long lasting. I did notice that my lashes got lost in all the black so falsies are definitely going to be your friend with this look. I think that all the curvy lines and dots really added to her look and made it seem more like her.I did decided to do a winged eyeliner on the upper lash line & fill in the waterline with a red lipliner. (Any time you use lipliner make sure to top of with red eyeshadow.) I also went onto of my winged liner with a glittery eyeshadow to add some sparkle and red into the eye look.

The mask was pretty easy to do with an eyeliner, if it is easier for you just map out your lines with a white or nude eyeliner first. I really wanted to keep the diamond trend going on the face because her costume has lots of diamonds on it. So thats why I made my mask look more like diamonds.

harley quinn liips

I wanted the Lips to be a big eye opener so I decided to do a diamond in the center of the lips but make it half black and half red. Then on the outside of the lips I used the opposite colors. I did decided to make my lips more pointy and a little thicker than my actual lips to play up the costume.

harley quinn products


  1. Wet N Wild Eyeliner : White , Wet N Wild Lipliner: Berry Red
  2. Wet N Wild Palette: Poster Child (Red &  black)
  3. Wet N Wild Blusher: Mellow Wine
  4. Wet N Wild Lipstick: Cherry Frost 514a , Wet N Wild Fantasy Lipstick: Black
  5. J Cat Beauty Lashes: EL20 , Duo Lash Glue: Clear
  6. LA Colors Pearl Eyeliner, LA Colors Grafix Eyeliner, LA Colors Automatic Eyeliner
  7. Jordana 12 hr Eyeshadow Pencil: Stay on Black , Nyx Jumbo Pencil : Milk
  8. Elf Makeup lock & Seal, Wet N Wild Single Glitter Eyeshadow: Vices

I hope you guys enjoyed this Halloween Look, I had so much fun doing this collab with Gemma! Make sure to subscribe for my youtube for more videos & like my Facebook Page!

Don’t forget Beauty Comes from Within so let yours Shine!

<3 Love, Bondbeautyful

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