Hard Candy Look Pro Illuminate & Strobing Mix-In Drops Review

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Hello my Bondbeautys,

Today is such a hot a dry day here in Arizona. I would much rather have dry heat then humidity! On the other hand, something I do not want to look dry is my face. Sometimes I just wish my foundations made my skin look more fresh & illuminated. Well ladies, I am here to do a review on a product that claims to do just that.


This is the Hard Candy Look Pro Illuminate & Strobing Mix-In Drops. It is a multi-purpose, iridescent facial enhancer that instantly creates radiant, dewy complexion. Or so it claims to do so. You add it into  your foundation, into your moisturizer or you can use it alone to highlight. Right now strobing is very popular.


First, lets talk about packaging. It is glass bottle with a dropper. This makes it very easy to mix into your foundation. I have been using this for about two weeks now. My favorite way to use this is to mix one drop into my Maybelline Fit Me Matte Foundation. I love the finish it gives me with that one. We will talk more about that later.


These drops are very thin and easy to blend out. Its a white formula with an iridescent pinkness to it that catches the light beautifully. Looks very pearly to me. As a highlight alone it is beautiful. I recommend ,if you are using it to highlight, to spread a drop on your hand first. Then dab it on your face with your finger. It will be very easy to blend, but if you want to build the intensity I suggest doing it while it is still wet. I notice that when I try to add more when it is already dry the formula breaks down. It ends up looking cakey and it balls up. This is not something I would use for strobing unless I am using it as a base for a powder highlight. I think its more of a everyday highlight.

IMG_5548My absolute favorite way to us this is mixed into my foundation. I mix a single drop into my foundation then spread it around with my finger before dotting it onto my face. I notice that it gives me a fresh natural looking finish when mixed into a matte foundation (shown above). I it doesn’t look dewy or shimmery just very fresh and healthy.

I talk more about it and show a demo of how I like to apply it in the video below.


I have really been into a subtle highlight look lately. With that said this product is perfect for me. It gives me a healthy glow and I love it!

So, are you into a subtle highlight or strobing? Let me know in the comments!

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