Hair Talk + Salon Tips

Hair 1Hello Beautyful Ladies!

So I hope you guys are all having a happy Friday!So I get a lot of questions about my hair color & Haircut so I thought today I would talk about that & give you guys tips for when you go to get your haircut with your stylists. I went to beauty school & I still cut my families hair so I know what its like to be on the other side of the chair. So here are some tips for when you go get your hair done..


  • Bring Visuals : It so much easier for us to picture what you picture if you actually bring a picture! Show them what you are talking about and be specific…
  • Be specific: if you say you want two inches off show them what you think two inches is…
  • Show them on your body: If I say I want my shortest layer to start at my chin point to your chin…

Hair 3

My hair cut: I have a 180 haircut, long square layer hair cut… I have layers that start at my shoulder & I have a blunt square cut at the bottom.. I also have face framing in the front to connect my side swept bangs & my layers.. (If you want to see how I cut my own side swept bangs comment and let me know)

Hair 2

My hair color: I use to be blonde, then I dyed my hair a dark brown. It then faded to this medium golden brown color that I have on my ends & the roots are just regrowth that I never colored. My roots are is my natural hair color.. So My ombre Is a natural ombre I didn’t color it to look this way.. I was just to lazy to keep coloring it!

Hair 4So Now lets talk! I am debating weather to go blonde again like I was on my wedding day or stay ombre… I don’t really want to do highlights or anything like that… So I’m giving you guys the chance to comment down below & tell me what You think I should do.. Should I go blonde or stay ombre?

Hair 5Well I hope you guys are having a good christmas season… Till next time

Remember, Beauty Comes From Within, So let it shine!

<3 Love, Bondbeautyful





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