What I ate Wednesday

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Hello My Bondbeautys!

So lets talk about healthy eating! Do you make an effort to eat healthy? Now today is not the best example because I completely failed but I thought I would show you what I ate today….

Ate 1So Today I woke up super early and made my husband bacon , eggs & yogurt… (we had no toast!) I ate some Raisin Bran Cereal & some Ponche. (punch) Then for lunch I had a Quesadia & a yogurt… For dinner I went to a christmas party and had green beans , corn, ham, turkey & some yummy dessert…. I then Had granola with milk for a late night snack.. I didn’t eat real healthy today I feel like because of the christmas party But tomorrows another day!

My Diet:
I breast feed so I can’t really diet But ,
We try to eat lots of fruits and vegetables.. We try to stay away from soda & Sugars (endless its date night or special occasion) I also try to make sure to have healthy snacks through out the day ..

Come see what my Wednesday was like…

Let me know if you like when I Vlog what I eat, and Ill be sure to do more…
So whats one of the things you do to stay healthy?

Till next time

Remember , Beauty Comes From Within

<3 Love, Bondbeautyful

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