Gym Makeup (Tutorial)


Like many of you, I dont like going out in public with absolutly NO makeup on! What if someone I know sees me! I dont want to scare anyone, even if im going to the gym.. So heres a simple easy makeup tutorial for the days your going to the gym, doing yard work, running errands or anything of that kind….

  1. So important to have clean hands
  2. Apply a tinted moisturizer (I like the elf tinted moisturizer because it has spf and some great vitamins)
  3. Apply a powder of your choice ( Loreal True Match is great to add coverage or Rimmel stay matte powder is good to just keep your face matte all day..)
  4. Eyebrows!! Eyebrows make a big difference so fill them in! (I love the elf Eyebrow kit, or jumbo eyebrow pencil, I also love Jordana FabuBrow)
  5. Mascara , I feel like mascara is what makes you look feminine and naturally beautiful! (I dont want to look like a man at the gym and mascara fixes that problem!)
  6. Last LiPBalm (lip balm keeps your lips hydrated while you are working out )


NOW your ready to go to the gym!!….

Te tutorial is  super simple and it will help you feel more comfortable while you are at the gym ,shedding those pounds!…. Check out the video below to see how I do my makeup when im going to the gym..

What do you put on your face before you work out???

*Tommorow I will be putting up my Gym Routine so stay tuned for that!


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