Eye look + Lips For beginners

20130923-171524.jpgHey Beautys!

Last Week I did a blog about face makeup for beginners, well today I’m doing an easy Eye look + Lips for beginners…. THis eye look is so easy and simple to do! Its Perfect for school, work or everyday. Its a natural , neutral eye that can fit well with a nude soft lip or a Bold Date Lip!

So Lets start with some tips for all you beginners…


1. Apply (carmex) Lips balm on before starting your makeup to prevent dry & cracky lips

2. Use a base or eye primer to help with lasting power and to help the eyeshadows appear brighter

3. Be gentle around your eyes, dont tug ( Thats how you get wrinkles)

So now that you have some tips , lets beautify ourselves….

20130923-171537.jpg(Eyeshadows From Left To Right) Nyx Fantasy,Aloha,Taupe

Products Used:

Nyx Eyeshadow: Fantasy(Lid & Lower Lid),Aloha(Brow Bone &Inner Corner),Taupe(Crease)

Nyx Jumbo Pencil: Pure Gold

Wet N Wild Color Icon Eyeliner Pencil: Bronzed

StarLooks Eye Pencil: Obsidian

CoverGirl Flamed out Mascara


Jordana Twist & Shine Balm Stain : Honey Love (Check out the Review) http://bondbeautyful.com/twist/

Elf Eye Lash Curler $1


  1. Apply carmex to lips
  2. apply nyx jumbo pencil
  3. Apply Nyx Eyeshadow Taupe Onto crease (Feel for the eye socket and thats where you put the crease color) with a crease/Pencil Brush

20130923-191750.jpg(From Left To Right) Crease Brush, Eyeshadow Brush, Big Eyeshadow Brush, Blending Brush

4  Apply Nyx Fantasy Onto Lid, Pressing it in to the lid with eyeshadow brush & put some on the lower lid as well

5 Nyx Aloha Under Brow Bond & Onto Inner Corner by tear duct are to make your eyes pop & Look Big & beautiful (Use a big eyeshadow brush or normal one Up to you)

6 With a blending brush & Taupe .. blend into the crease using side swiping motion & a light hand… Blend Blend Blend so that you are left with no harsh line

7 Add a gold eye pencil of your choice on lower water line (I used Wet N Wild Bronzed)

8 Add a black eye pencil to the upper waterline

9 Curl Your lashes & apply Mascara!

10 Last apply your lip balm stain in the color Honey love to your lips..One coat for a light nude lip Or apply multiple coats for a bold fall (Date) Look… The balm stains are terrific they last a long time, can be very pigmented or can be sheared out with your finger & only cost $2.99 I thought these are the perfect lip product for beginners because they are user friendly and very moisturizing..


Thats It Easy as that!!! Your Not a beginner anymore!

What Eye look do you want to see next?? A Smokey eye for beginners?


Do you want to see this tutorial in a video… Then Click below!


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