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Today we are talking about nude nail polish. Nude nail polish is very popular this summer along with nude lips & natural blushes! I will be talking about nude lip options & natural blushes in later posts. As for today I have 5 nude polish options to share with you. I also went through the trouble of watching them for you! So enjoy!(See video below)


First is Forsythe by Color Club. I love this because it is a cool toned nude. Which is unique and not seen very often. This formula is nice and thin. I think it applies evenly and wears for a long time.


An alternative to Forsythe is this one from Wet N Wild called Yo Soy. This one is almost an exact match to the Color Club polish shown earlier. It may be a tiny bit darker but still beautiful either way. It is again a cooler toned nude. If you want to try a cool nude this one is only $1.99 at the drugstore. (I love this formula better than the Color Club one)


This next one is a beautiful warm nude. L.A. Colors Color Craze polish in Simply. This is a polish that can easily be found at the Dollar Tree. For being the most affordable polish I am going to show you it definitely doesn’t disappoint. It is such a smooth formula and will last just as long as any other polish.


This one is more of a milky transparent nude. Wet N Wild 2% Milk. I have the old version but they do have this same shade in the packaging they have now. This is one of my first nude polishes and it has a special spot in my heart.


These next three are more of the pink nudes. I still consider them nudes. First is the Sinful Shine with Gel Tech called I’m Blushing. If you have tried the Sinful Colors Polishes and you don’t like them, do not despair this formula is different. It is a gel like formula that drys fast and is very shiny. I have not had any problems with streakiness.


This one is my absolute first nail polish every. Revlon nail polish in sheer petal. It is more of a transparent pink nude. Perfect for brides, interviews, work or everyday wear. It makes your natural nails look better. So beautiful and classy. It can be built up to a more opaque color shown on the bottle.


This one is so similar to the Revlon polish except the formula is thinner and more transparent.  I love this formula so great and smooth. L’OREAL wishful pinking. This is more pink and less peachy.

So whats up with the crazy makeup? On my social media I am doing a new makeup look everyday for 100 days. I thought since right now color eyebrows are the trend I would do a fun purple look. Check out my social media for my other pictures!

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What is your favorite nude polish of the moment?

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