Dressing For Your body Type: Inverted Triangle

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So today I am doing another fashion related post. A few weeks ago I did a post on how to determine your body shape If you haven’t read that then check it out here Find your Body Shape.

Today I am going to continue on and talk about the Inverted Triangle Shape and how to dress your best if this is your body shape. I will be doing the rest of the shapes so stay tuned for that! So here we go ..


So we are going to talk about what an it means to have and Inverted Triangle shaped body and what types of clothing look flattering on you. So why is it important to know what your body shape is? Knowing your body shape helps you to pick cloths that will look the absolute best on your body type.

broad shl


Inverted Tirangle basically means that you have broad shoulders and a slimmer waist & hip area. So your a bigger upper body. Now because this is the case you really want the focus to go to your lower body to balance out the broad shoulders. The goal is to balance your shape out with the clothing that you wear.

bottomsSo , a good way to balance out your body is to wear bright bottoms. Skinny jeans are a no no endless you have bright colored skinny jeans , then they are ok. So stick with brighter bottoms or even textured pants.

SkirtThis is a really good example of textured bottoms. Another great thing about this outfit is that the skirt has a little bit of a flared out piece which is perfect because it  gives the illusion that you are proportional.

TopYou really want to try to make an extra effort to accentuate your waist , so a belt is perfect. Shirts that Flare out near the hip area are also perfect for your body shape. You can see here that I also have boot cut or wide leg jeans on which also make me look very proportional.

invertedSo thats pretty simple I hope ! Comment down below if you have any questions! If you like my videos then make sure to subscribe ! If you don’t know what your body shape is then check the video out below!

look of the day

Now here is my makeup look for today! My top is from forever 21 and my blazer is also from forever 21! Thank you guys for watching make sure to insert your email if you want to stay updated with my blog posts!

IMG_0680So what Body Shape are you? I am actually the Inverted Triangle Shape!

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