Divergent Abnegation Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Thumbnail Divergent makeup tutorialHello My Bondbeautys,

So I recently reviewed and swatched the Limited Edition Divergent Collectors Kit and I wanted to show you how to create a really neutral day time look. This Kit is amazing and it is still available at Sephora so if you want it click here. This is a simple look and Very beautiful for spring and summer so lets do this!


In this makeup look I used the Erudite Palette, the Abnegation Palette, The divergent Face Palette, and the Fear Not lipgloss that came in the kit.

abnegation makeup pieces


  1. Apply Radiant Initiation in the crease and Blend really well.
  2. Apply  Golden Honesty All over the Lid
  3. Apply Peaceful Shimmer in the inner half of the lid and blend the gold and the peach really well..
  4. Apply Almond color under the brow & blend
  5. Apply Bold Expresso in the crease to add definition there (use a light hand) Then blend with radiant initiation (cool brown)


  1. Apply Foundation, powder & Concealer like you regularly would
  2. Apply the bronzer underneath the cheek bones for a contour and blend really well You want it to look natural
  3. Apply a Coral shimmery blush from the palette with a blush brush . on the apples of the cheeks then blend it back towards your ears.
  4. Apply a beautiful highlight above the cheek bones for a glow!


  1. Apply Wet N Wild Mega Slick Balm Stain in Rico Mauve all over your lips.
  2. Top it off with Fear Not lipgloss from this palette!



There you have it , an Abnegation Inspired , easy , Spring neutral Makeup look! I hope you enjoyed this, don’t forget to pin it so you can try it later!! If  you would rather watch me do this, then check out the video above!

let it shine divergent tutorialRemember, Beauty Comes From Within So let it Shine!!!

<3 Love, Bondbeautyful


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