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Hello my Bondbeautys,

Happy Tuesday! So on all my social media (twitter,Instagram,tumblr,flickr,&Facebook) I have been doing 100 days of makeup challenge. This is where I challenge myself to do a completely different makeup look every day for 100 days. Since starting that I have really received so much support from all of you. I am so thankful for how sweet and supportive you guys have been. Because of how much love I have been receiving from you guys I wanted to give back! So today I’m doing a giveaway! (more info below)


Now before we get into that I wanted to tell you about this amazing lashes I have been obsessed with lately. These are Skyluna Yue er gong zhu Lashes. Now I am not sponsored at all I just recently discovered these and fell in love. These are crisscrossed dramatic lashes that are synthetic. They have a clear band which makes them easier to wear without eyeliner. Six comes in a pack and a single pair has lasted me over a month! I am so impressed with how well they are made for the price. They cost me $2.75 on amazon and that includes shipping. I have been so impressed that I want to give one away to you!

  • Rules of Giveaway:
  • Must be 18 or older, or have parental consent.
  • US only (Sorry if your not from US)
  • Must be subscribed to my youtube & Follow me on Instagram
  • I will email you on your youtube when the winner is chosen
  • you have 2 weeks to enter(until July 12th) just click this link

To see a full review and more about giveaway see the video below.



Thank you guys so much for your love & support on my makeup journey I hope you will subscribe by email (ITS FREE) to receive my blog posts straight to your email!

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