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Hello my bondbeautys,

Today I wanted to share my beauty favorites for this past month , because it is already MAY! Its so crazy how fast time flys and I have been obsessed with one particular makeup look all month long. I am also going to be starting a new series where I also do my Favorite Makeup Look for the Month. So I will be showing you a makeup look using these beauty favorites on Monday so stay tuned!

This past month I have been loving a very natural spring eye & a coral fresh lip + cheek combo. I feel like this all ties together beautifully. Bonus: I think this look is a beautiful spring wedding look as well! It photographs beautifully leaving a beautiful glow to the skin. So lets start talking products..

Eye palettes

These two palettes have been my favorites this month. I know a lot of you bought these when they first came out. They are the Divergent palettes from the Divergent Kit. These are the shades I have been using to create my looks. These eyeshadows are beautifully pigmented, feel so soft & are easy to work with. The top palette is Erudite Palette & the bottom is Abnegation palette.

Favorite products

Now for the rest of the face I feel like all these products go together so nicely. The blush & Lippy just work together because they are both that coral type of shades.

These brushes are from Bh Cosmetics and man did they surprise me I love them. They are all skunk or duo fiber brushes and they do well in not eating up all my product. I also recently took out my Real techniques Beauty Sponge and it just leaves your face looking flawless. It is a great way to blend out foundation.

This Grafix eyeliner by L.A. Colors has been they product that makes my wing liner come to life all month long. It is really black and all though it took me a little to get use to the applicator it is beautiful. ( I don’t recommend it for beginners though)

This hand lotion I got from the Dollar Tree and I can say I am really enjoying it. There were two in a pack and I find that they are super convenient to have on your vanity & purse. Specially because my hands can get ashy looking.

Last is this beautiful Copper nailpolish from E.L.F. Called Copper. It is gorgeous and subtle so if you don’t like “in your face” type of polishes this one is perfect. Bonus its only $2 on their website!

So like I said I will be doing my April Favorite Makeup look Tutorial on Monday so make sure to check back then!

What is your current favorite beauty item?

Remember Beauty comes from within so let yours shine!

<3 Love, Bondbeautyful

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