32 week Pregnancy Vlog


hello my Bondbeautys,

It has been so crazy since I last talked to you guys. So on Thanksgiving day my husband dislocated & fractured his shoulder. Then two weeks ago I got a cold which escalated to bronchitis then this last week my son got a cold and ear infections! Finally today we are both feeling much better and I can take some time to share a blog post! I am not 36 weeks it is crazy and this is only my 32 week pregnancy blog post I am so sorry about that! We are thinking the baby is coming either this week or next so I hope I can catch up before then . If I can’t don’t worry I will catch up!

So lets get started ..


Due Date? Jan 6 2015

  • How Far Along? 32 Weeks
  • Symptoms? lots of Braxton Hicks , Flimsy Nails, tired, Ankle Tenderness,
  • Stretch Marks? No New ones Yet although I can see two coming on in the front of my belly  Oh NO!
  • Sleep? Still having a hard time sleeping , I wake up a lot!
  • Exciting Moment/ event? I am basically almost done with my sons room/ nursery its a jungle theme & Im so excited about that
  • Miss anything? I miss sleeping!
  • Movement? Yes he still moves a lot in there specially when I lay down he kicks a lot!
  • Cravings? Hot Cheetos & Mama Chocolate fudge cookies!
  • Gender? Boy
  • Labour Signs? Braxton Hicks and some pressure
  • Rings on or off? Off still
  • Belly Button? My belly button is still in
  • Mood? tired, and stressed all the time
  • looking forward ? to being done with the nursery so I can relax!

Belly shot…


So thats it I will be doing a nursery / room tour & hospital bag post soon so keep a look out for that!

Remember, Beauty Comes from Within so let yours shine!


<3 Love, Bondbeautyful

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