Had my Baby, & Back from my Break!

mama holding 2 kids

Hello my Bondbeautys,

I have missed blogging and making videos for you guys! I am so excited to be back , as you know if you have followed me for a while, I had my baby!

I will do a separate meet my baby plus labor delivery story in a separate blog post! I wanted to say hi and I have missed you guys! Im so ready to start blogging and you tubing again!  Here are some fun pictures of my life for the past six weeks…


I had baby Jan 6 2015 He was so sweet and such a blessing! It has also been chaotic , it is so different having two babies! When one cries the other cries or if one isn’t crying the other one is ! The joys of motherhood! No, but seriously I love being a mom and I love my boys they are my miracles!

purple lips

With that said Im so ready to do makeup tutorials . I am a mother first but second I am a GIRL so; I have been experimenting with new makeup like this BH Cosmetics Lipstick ! Yes I know ,its purple!

20150226_163648Now that baby is almost 2 months I am ready to start blogging!

What kind of makeup looks would you like to see?

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<3 Bondbeautyful

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