Gender Reveal Party

baby invite nov 8

Hello My Bondbeautys,

So today I wanted to share with you a Special Event, My Gender reveal party!

Since this is baby number two I wanted to keep the gender a secret and do a gender reveal instead of a baby shower. So I kept it a secret from my family and friends and finally got around to doing a barbecue / gender reveal party. So we made hotdogs and had blue and pink cupcakes. We also had pink lemonade and blue punch. we had fruit as well.

I made the invitation all myself on pic monkey just in case you were wondering. I also made picture props so that everyone could cast there vote of what they thought baby would be before we revealed it.make your vote

Here are all the fun pictures we did…

Susan Family VotePattys VoteMikes Family VoteMatts Family VoteKens Family VoteJess Family Voteisraels VoteHyrums VoteDad & Moms Votecami's VoteAiden Vote

Then We went ahead and did a big family picture and made it semi funny…

funny family pic

Then we went ahead and let the kids hit a piñata to reveal the gender, the candy inside was blue so it is a BOY! For some reason I don’t have the pictures of them actually hitting the piñata sorry guys but here is our last family pic and obviously everyone and their mother thought it was going to be a girl!

Big Family Vote + its a boy


We also did little prizes for those who guessed right! They were simple  boy toys we got from the dollar store!

Grampa holding FBI Set

After we ate  and we revealed the gender we all had a water balloon fight. It was so fun watching all the kids going crazy!

Gender Reveal was such a fun thing to do specially the pictures. I am going to put the pictures in Durhams Baby book that way he can see who thought he was going to be a girl or boy..

Remember, Beauty comes from within so let it shine!

<3 love, Bondbeautyful

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