3 Easy Fall Hairstyles

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Hello My Beautyful Ladies….

So Its Fall Its Cold, and sometimes we over sleep .. I Understand our beds are so warm! Well here are some easy hairstyles that take no more than 2 min each! You can do these if your hair is curly, straight,long , short,3 day hair, freshly washed hair, any type of hair!

Hairstyle #1 : Need comb, bobby pins & Head band..

save 4Hairstyle #2: Need comb, bobby pins ( I love wearing this hairstyle when my hair is curly)

save 6save 2 Hairstyle #3: Comb, Bobby Pins (again it looks the best when your hair is curly! adds some dimension to a regular poof) You can do this with your hair down ..

save Or you can put your hair back into a pony tail as well…

save 7So I could explain how to do these hairstyle because they are so easy but I thought why not just show you!…. Check it out…

Whats your favorite hairstyle out of the 3? Till next time!

remember, True Beauty Comes From Within

<3Love, Bondbeautyful





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