1 Brand Makeup Tutorial: Bombshell Makeup

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Hello my Bondbeautys,

Today I am so excited to bring to you this tutorial because this is a collaboration with two other beauty you tubers! I am collaborating with Piper Hampton & Velmalee.  They are amazing & talented. Plus they are also very entertaining which is why we make videos right? Any ways we are each doing a one brand tutorial using a drugstore brand. I decided to do Wet N Wild because of how CHEAP they are. I rarely use the word cheap to describe a brand, but I wanted to get my point across. They are so affordable that sometimes they get looked over because of it. Just because they are CHEAP doesn’t mean they are CHEAP. Their products are amazing and to prove it I went all out glam with this Bombshell look; using only their products.

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This look is so beautiful and anyone can recreate it, I make it super simple. Its sexy & perfect for a special occasion! (Tutorial down below)

Products Used:

  • Wet N Wild Coverall Foundation & Primer
  • Wet N Wild Megaglo contouring palette contour Dulce De Leche
  • Wet n Wild Coloricon Blush Apri-Cot in the Middle
  • Wet n Wild To Reflect Shimmer Powder Boozy Brunch
  • Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick Bare it All
  • Wet n Wild Petal Pusher Palette
  • Wet n Wild Single Eyeshadow Nutty
  • Wet n Wild Poster Child Palette (Black)
  • Wet n Wild illuminating concealer pen Posing Nude & A Happy Medium
  • Wet n Wild Color icon eyeliner pencil Mink Brown& Black
  • Wet n Wild H2o Proof Liquid Eyeliner Dark Brown
  • Wet n Wild Lengthening Mascara


This look is something that I did recently on my 100 days of makeup I am doing on my Instagram. Basically every day for 100 days I am challenging myself to do a different makeup look. I did this on Sunday on Instagram and so I decided to show you how to do this on my youtube today!(The exact picture is down below) If you are interested in all my makeup looks I have done check out my Instagram!

Day 5

(In the Instagram picture I used different products but I recreated the same look using Wet n Wild down below!)

Let me know what makeup tutorials you want to see next!

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