VLOG: Tis the season to be Jolly (Christmas decorating)

save 7Hello My beautyful Ladies!

Merry Christmas! Its time to jolly up my home… This is my first Vlog that I have done, and I thought you might like to join me as I bring some holiday cheer to my home! Maybe this will give you some holiday decorating inspiration or the very least entertain you! So take a look below to join me as I decorate my home!

So my Tree is a fake tree that is pre lit we got it last year during black friday.. We live in a apartment so Its hard to use real christmas trees but this will do for now..

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Let me tell you Baby Hyrum was so excited when I put up the christmas tree!

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So I have on my tv stand I thought I would so something very simple My husband put some christmas lights around the bottom of it and I just added some candy christmas trees & A nativity little gift I had received last year..

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So For my Kitchen I got a table runner (From dollar store) and decided to make decorations to go on top… I made candles & these super cute candy/bell holder for christmas..

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I also put a christmas angel that i received last year as a gift and a christmas candle on my stove , as well as my santa cookie jar!

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I don’t have a chimney but I decided to put my stocking up next to my candle decor in my living room wall.. I just hung them up with some clear hooks that you tape onto the wall…

save 5So I usually Film my videos in my room , so I thought it appropriate to decorate that room as well.. On my rocking chair I added a stuffed santa clause I thought was super cute!

save 11Then In my video area of the room I hung up some christmas ornaments , bells & I spread candy all around between my candles…

save 8

I had a christmas hat that I used to decorate with .. I also  Put some Gigantic candy cane sticks in among my dead wedding flowers !

save 9I also Had a christmas monkey and some left over candy so I put it in my little jewelry tray I made , I put the monkey in this ho ho ho stocking and sat it right on top!

save 2And thats it for my christmas decorating! I do want to get some santa clause chair covers that I saw last year.. So If I get more decorations Ill be sure to let you guys know! I hoped you liked my fun Vlog … Whats your favorite part of christmas? I really hope you are having a good wed! TIll next time!

Remember , Beauty Comes From Within..

<3 Love, Bondbeautyful







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