Sun kissed Summer Makeup Tutorial

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Hello my Bondbeautys,

Lets do a summer friendly makeup tutorial. This is perfect for summer because of the bronzey glowy cheeks & the popsicle red lips. This is super easy to do and I am going to show you how!

If you would rather watch me do it than read about it , then click below!

I am using all the products that I talked about in my may favorites post. All of these products are my favorites because they work so great for such an affordable price!



  1. Smarty Pants into the crease with blending brush
  2. Mix smarty pants & rebel together and add it into the crease with a crease brush
  3. Blend with a clean blending brush
  4. Add Sweet heart & Flower Child(mixed) onto the lid
  5. Add Funny Girl into the center of the lid & into the tear duct area for a highlight
  6. Add Charmer right underneath the brow
  7. Apply rebel to the lower lid close to the lashes
  8. Add wing liner (If you so choose) & mascara


The face is very simple lots of glow & a flush of color !

healthy skin bronzer


  1. Foundation
  2. Conceal your under eye circles & apply powder to set everything
  3. Contour
  4. Add a glowy bronzer to the cheek area , forehead & tip of the nose
  5. Add blush to the apples of your cheeks and sweep it back pink lemonade
  6. Apply a tiny bit of the glowy bronzer again to the apple of the cheeks for a highlight

be a bombshell

The lips are very easy all I did was apply a lip stain. & this balm tint over top. So simple and perfect for the summer!

Now that your ready for the summer what are you planning on doing this summer?

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