DIY Pumpkin Mason Jar Halloween Decoration


IMG_0503Hey Ladies!

Happy halloween! I love decorating for halloween; but sometimes it can be expensive! They I realized how many mason jars I had lying around, I keep all my jam jars, spagetti sauce jars & wash them out and store them. Now here is a simple Halloween DIY to help you use up all those mason jars you have lying around! You can even Use Baby Food Jars to make Baby Pumpkins!

All You Need:

  • IMG_0492Mason Jars Or Baby food jars, jars of your choice
  • Paint (clack and orange for pumpkin, green for frankenstein.. You can do whatever you would like)
  • Glitter (If you so choose..)
  • Brushes
  • Newspaper (to paint on)
  • Foam stickers (You can get at your local $1 Store)
  • Fake candle or real candle…
  • Glue, Hot glue or krazy Glue (to glue candle to the bottom of jar)



1st: Soak your jar in hot water & soap for 5 min to remove any paper stickers (I know those can be a real pain to take off)

2nd: You can put some paint into you mason jar & Flip it upside down and let it drain

IMG_0493 IMG_0494*If paints to thick add some water to help it run a lot faster, You only need a dime size drop of paint in there….

or you can just grab your brush and paint the inside yourself…

IMG_0495Its alot faster to paint the inside with a brush, but its your choice…

3rd: Set it out to dry

IMG_04964th : You can paint the lids it all depends on the look you want..

IMG_04975th: Paint the face on your pumpkin….(this is the fun part, get creative, you can do scary pumpkins or goofy ones like mine!)

Last: you want to either glue your candle to the bottom of mason Jar (or else it will fall out when you try to light it) or you can just add a fake candle

IMG_0499And Walla! Easy Halloween Decorations!

IMG_0502You can even get more creative & Create Witches, frankenstein & ghosts..


You can add stickers to the outside of your pumpkins or keep them plain its all up to you! On my Ghost I Added A ghost face in front and then ghost stickers in the back….You can use any glass jars you like, the Ghost is actually made with a recycled Snapple Bottle!



I love halloween because I love the crazy costumes & Decorations are so fun!! Hope You guys liked this EASY DIY… Whats your favorite halloween decoration? What do you do with your mason jars?


Remember, Beauty Comes From Within

<3 Love, Bondbeautyful






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